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Sorta Like a Rock Star - Matthew Quick "Maybe I'm a freak - but i'm one hopeful misfit, and you could be worst things in this world. True? True."It's books like this that had me realized how some of YA novels had seriously went downhill. Ever since I had the uber passion for reading, this kind of telling was what I grown fixated and what I have been looking forward to. Sorta Like A Rock Star was the fun and hyped up read that gnawed me to how much I really love young adult realistic fiction. It measures how much entertainment you've enjoyed and roughly missed out on life. Enough with all the senseless angst and good riddance to blinding love, this right here is the real deal. Amber Appleton is one honest-to-goodness awesome character. How often do you read a kick-ass girl that is not associated with fantasy? Well, here's a first. Or so I think it was. She's a bona fide adventure seeker that does not make her character look contrived. She's like a version of John Green's male leads, only with estrogen. Her overall character is so much fun to read, what with all the stuffs she's into. From a stray dog owner - which she named Bobby Big Boy/Thrice B (cool right?!); a powerhouse entertainer/teacher to the Koreans at a church; a wicked leader to an exclusive federation; a healthy 'yo mama' debater at an elders home; and a likeness to Haikus with the retired Vietnam soldier. Now, how does that not make a her a Rock Star?! BTW, their Haikus are the bomb! Here's a few:"the sun is not aball - it's a endless white streak.time's an illusion."air goes in and outof my nose, throat, lungs, blood, heartbrain - and so I am"My fave: "you may exist in this world - but I exist too.and I will not yield."As much as how awesomesauce and hilariously witty I find this, I had my share of little tears too. How could you evaluate a book to be so amazing without a perplexed emotions thrown in. I truly believe Amber's actions and intentions are pure. She's been through life with good and the bad winning the balance. There's a point in her outgoing personality giving up when things happen drastically with her zoning out every one around her. But she began building everything back together again when those people as awesome as her starts to reach out.Every single character are so great in their own way. Everybody has something to offer and I admire them so, so much. The badass lawyer, the 4F's misfits, the priest and the Koreans, the elders and, a lot more. Everybody just makes it all worthwhile.Might I just add that a lot says this needs more readers. I agree! Nobody should pass up a wonderful reading with a psychedelic feeling. A must read from top to bottom. xx