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Becoming a Butterfly - Mia Castile I was honored enough to be able to read and review Becoming A Butterfly by Mia Castle - the first book of The Butterfly Chronicles. The first book opens with Lacey being bullied by children at her school, but all she wanted was just to fit in. Of course, she has a crush on her next-door neighbor Henry, her childhood friend turned stranger whom she has a crush ever since they were kids. It all started when Lacey's friends, Tasha and Jade, created a new social network profile in order for her to at least fit in with the school crowd. But everything seems to fall apart when they can't get hold over the popularity of the girl they created. Her crush has a huge likeness on said girl and aside from that, somebody figured out the person behind the false identity. Now, all Lacey was to do everything for her not to be exposed and be the total loser everybody thinks she was. The story deals with adolescent-related themes, and bullying was the highlight and essential part of the book. Unfortunately, I find the topic not thoroughly opened and discussed. I was slightly disappointed because I really wanted to love this book and Lacey's character, but she fails to be a better person IMO. I thought the only reasonable character was Chase. He was developed and pictures the typical outcast, bad-boy type. The good thing about all this was it's a series and I want to know more of the character progression of the story. I know this book will be potentially good and talks more on subjects that's a major construction on the story. Mia is such a kind and generous author, and she totally knows how to push boundaries. xx