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Will Grayson, Will Grayson - John Green There are a lot of reasons why I love Will Grayson, Will GraysonI love how marginally hilarious this book was.I love how I get to finish this in 6 hours and was not bored at all.I love the idea of two great authors in one amazing novel.I love the difference of the characters yet I admire each and everyone of them.I love WILL GRAYSON and will grayson! ♥I love Will Grayson and Jane together. *sigh*I love TINY so much that I want him to be my Gay Best Friend!Before I ran out of ways to describe how much I love this book, one thing's for sure -- this is one heck of a comical and amusing story.I haven't read any David Levithan books but what I see right here is genius-ness. I better check him out soon. ☺ And as usual, John Green did not disappoint me in the least. Honestly, before reading this book I haven't got the idea of which part John wrote. But to the obvious reason, his character in this book is not difference than his other characters so I knew right then that he was writing the first o.w.g.I did not expect this to be so fun and emotional at the same time. This book actually deals with a lot of issues that I find interesting. What kept me through this was the idea of having two opposite personalities with one name with a totally contrary life. I wish there'd still more WG,wg that I could ask for.