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Dare You To - Katie McGarry I'm gonna go with what some of you said: I liked this better than the first one. Yep. Though Echo and Noah's story was more solid with tons of dynamic going on - where issues were gladly taken up and talked through - some parts (okay, the second half of the book) didn't worked out for me the way how I wanted it to be. I guess the moment the characters changed I wasn't on board with them. Although I really loved the first half of Pushing the Limits because it deals with some personal problems and such difficulties even if it similarly resonates with the one book I've read some time ago and which happen to be a huge favorite of mine, I just have to let my judgement take me about what had suddenly happened. So, you could see why I was a little skeptical on the next take and what it might bring, or be frustrated the further I go. While I remember Beth from the first, I also recalled not even liking her. So I was kinda perturbed about her character, which was why it took me some time to warm up to her. From Pushing The Limits, I really thought Beth was supposed to end up with that tattooed guy, that best friend, so I was surprised when I saw the name Ryan on the top page. Though I have to admit I'm way past dark chicks and don't dig cocky jocks, somehow Beth and Ryan made it all worthwhile for me. I don't know if this series is a retelling of the Perfect Chemistry series because I see some unavoidable resemblance. Only the roles in this one is reversed. But I hope not because I see some serious potential here. Beth's character is most probably one I'd stay away from. Her habitual need for a fix - smokes and joints - and her surreptitious domestic complications among other things are too much drama to handle. But while all that is going on, I was also drawn to the girl she once was. The way she fancy's ribbons and herself a gypsy. And since Ryan was from the other side of track, with a perfect career ahead and an all-out parents, everything is not what it seems to be on the surface. Some things that I'm just too raging to even...(albeit being sympathetic): Fist, Ryan's relationship with his bro. I wish it would've been dealt more. I am a family oriented person so whenever I read about dysfunctional families I just want everything to be okay. He's having this dilemma of which of them was leaving whom, and when he figured it out, he could have reached out. I understand his situation where his parents wants everything perfect and acceptable - along with appearances - but coming to a point to forget your kid existed is just horrible. Then Beth dealing about her mother's shortcomings and following through her damages was a lot to take in for a teenage daughter. Despite how much she's trying to act more maternal than her mom, being a fearful victim is much to take in. I digress.Now I know that this will be another sellout about a 'girl with problem, boy tries to save' kind of deal, yeah, it's likely like that, but how it's delivered and how we are gonna take it is how it goes. And about their lives, both Beth and Ryan, made me think and feel gives a positive effect on the condition. Dare You To may not be an outstanding novel but the anticipation and sentiments was enough for me for this to stand-out. There were parts where I was grinning bashfully because, I admit, it was sweet that I just want to pinch their cute cheeks.One thing I'd highly disagree is the talk that they're each other's forever. Dude, that's just...crap. Every contemporary, young-adult fiction out there let's us believe that our high school beloved will be our everything. Perhaps. But realistically, I don't think so. Though I admire the belief authors give these characters was an 'awww' moment. That being said, I liked it more than I thought. A great follow for the series and if you're looking for some drama YA then this series is for you. You may or may not enjoy it but you'll be needing this kind of fix in your lifetime.*ARC for review from Netgalley.xx