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The Storyteller - Antonia Michaelis Ever wonder how your life would came to be were it not for something you've done. Or wonder what your life would have been like were it not for something you just did. May it be a little thing; or something so grand. Whether you did it for others or for yourself. Would you believe that even the littlest things you did could alter a big part of yourself, that if you look at it, would affect you as a person. That's what happened to Anna. She found this doll - ruggedly, torn clothed, well-worn doll - in a student lounge no less, never had an idea of what's behind the thing, and never could have guessed what she got herself into. Just so that this doll happens to belong to someone she would never have thought it would. Of course, nobody warned her of the Polish peddler, of the Storyteller, of Abel. If one is looking for a fluffy, teen romance, I'm not sure you would find it here. If you're after something more of a life changing read, could be. What I'm sure though is that you would either love this story to pieces because it's entirely not what you'd expect & everything there is was gorgeous altogether; or you would dislike this because the potent emotion you'd feel is so great you wish you'd never read it. Either way, it's really a win-win situation in my opinion. You could say the Anna and Abel are two people from different side of the tracks. She in her own little bubble with blue air, glass windows, music, and grand fireplace, with friends and family, while he's in a tower block with a room no more than spacious, with a nosy neighbor, dealing stuffs for money, and with just a little sister. At this point on this would be a deterrent for Anna knowing what Abel is. But she is a good judge of character and wants to find out more of this infamous peddler. What she discovered was a sweet, caring, responsible brother doing everything for his little sister, Micha. Also, the thing that really got most of the attention was his ability to say words and create worlds, what a storyteller he's become. So every time they're together, him, her, and Micha, I feel like I was also part of the audience being told with this wonderful story about little queen, sea lion, the lighthouse keeper, and the rose girl, and all this adventures they through. "Where do you get all those words from? All those pictures?" "From reality," Abel said. "That's all we got."For me, reading this was a huge challenge. You never come across great books everyday, and most would really frustrate you to no end. That saying, Anna and Able are not just you ordinary romance couple. Or couple-ish. What they've been through is not something a 17 year normally does. But being them, I realize that whatever come my way I grab it and cherish it coz you never know when will be the last. I believe that whatever happened to everybody, good or bad, agreeable or not, has its own devices. "If I show the way to bad and good people alike, it amounts to the same as if I show the way to no one."Personally, The Storyteller is its own class. It is very well-written that saying you're sucked in the story would be an understatement. I've never been disappointed with a book to end such it is. You know the feeling where you really want something good to happen, just one. And maybe it would change for the better all through out. I just want to hug everybody in this book that it hurts to think it couldn't get any better. This left me sad and a little heartbroken and greatly honored because this was a very wonderful read! A little forewarning: proceed with caution. 'Time couldn't change the past, but it brought peace.'xx