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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer - Lish McBride Do you find yourself lacking in interesting teenagers, peculiar scenarios, creepy dudes with creepy agendas, an incapacitated human, a seventy year old diva neighbor, otherworldly adventures, and so much more? Then Hold Me Closer, Necromancer is the right fix for you."I've been sent by Douglas Montgomery.""You say that like I should know who that is," I said.He grinned at me--not so much as a grin as a flash of teeth. "You should.""Yeah, well, I don't," I said."Then I guess you find out.""No, I'm good. My dance card is full, but I'll check with my secretary. Ramon?""Booked," Ramon said.Beware of ominous strangers lurking at the parking lot. "One minute I was watching Mansquito on Syfy, which was as awful and intriguing as it sounds; the next, it had gone to commercial and I was like I am now."Frank perked up, "You were killed because you watched Mansquito?" He paled slightly, "Oh man, I watched Mansquito. Do you think I'm next?"And never, ever mess with them.Have I known this was super fun, I would have read it sooner! The only thing that kept me from reading this was the creepy cover vibe. Yes, I'm that much of a wuss. I'm never really into heavy paranormal reads but others I try to stomach because the curiosity might kill me.Sam and the gang are just your normal unfulfilled teens with an un-fulfilling work at an un-fulfilling job. Until the moment they messes with the Classic Shiny car then everything came spiraling down. Identities known, and secrets revealed. Okay, that's not so much of a point but I swear it would totally be worth the read. The eerie feeling mixed with humor was what grabbed me from the start. I don't recall having read paranormal stories before with the amount of excitement and thrill as I had with this. I could probably count in a hand the books that did it to me. Perhaps curiosity together with skepticism is a good thing because I would have never get to know Sam and these quirky people to begin with. How I enjoyed everything about this! How Sam narrate his life and his job was in a way fairly relatable to me since I was once into the same industry he worked. So. I would've given this a solid 5 where it not for the lack of superfly action. I was really looking forward to how Sam would embrace his nature and give us some of those kickin' supernatural powers. Also, I was surprised to see other stories unfold aside form Sam's. It was actually great that the author really did think through to include Douglas' and Brid's because readers would have serious emission to who these people are, or being as I'd like to call. Furthermore, the romance wasn't centered but it might be developed in the next book or at the progression of this series. Have you ever imagined what a little book could bring you? One little story read in a day could shift ones life, and I think that's super awesome. It may or may not bring you joy or sadness but I just thought books will always be the greatest thing ever invented. I wanted to bring that out because we are all very blessed in this case. xx