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Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn 3.5 stars. I was so close to dropping this genre because it failed me not once, twice, but most the time. Then there's this with a promising story line - again - and the author that was okay for YA and a same reference with a favored NA out of little among a lot. So yeah.Basically I had read Wait for You in different format, styles, and contexts. The story about troubled teens is widely prominent in this genre that it falls to be too mainstream. What I am most peculiar about is the strong topic that is in this one. My all time favorite book also talks about this issue and was written and dealt brilliantly that I don't think anything could top it. But of course, this kind of theme will always be something I am always wanting to know - how it's dealt, coped, and moved about.“Whoever came up with the saying you can’t escape your past really knew what they were talking about.Avery was a victim. And she's a survivor. Then she'd moved on; it may not be completely but little by little. With the help of some friends and people who hold close to her, she finds herself feeling safe, wanted, and most importantly, loved. I think what the message really was not about finding the best relationship with the guy and just drop the thoughts of what happened, but merely growing and finding peace while learning to handle the situation and live with it. While I may have some teeny tiny trouble with Avery, her whole disposition was great. I appreciate that she doesn't whine about what happened to her leading it to blame on people, or rather bitch about how her life became that people are labeling her and calling her stuff; she's also not turning into an angst fest that makes me want to hurl her to the wall. She's a great character. She may have her times, but she adjusts and contemplates well on her actions. That's probably what I really like about her, being mindful. Of course, I should say that Cam, too, was awesome - his words not mine -, and sweet and charming. Him being too protective struck me too really admire him. His not in a possessive type of guy, but caring in a way you want to be handled. He's sweet and his term of endearment doesn't escape me because I really fucking love it. Nobody calls 'Sweatheart' unless they mean it and I don't remember that term being used but by those who are seriously, sappily in love, and these two clearly are, from day freaking one! And golly, THE scenes were Hot! Though I have complains about some grammatical error e.i lacking of letter and a little bit of editing. Otherwise it was good. Jennifer L. Armentrout or J. Lynn did a very good job here. I swear after reading her 'Lux' series I couldn't picture her or any other author who could manage to step out of something they do best. I greatly admire people who doesn't run out of crazy ideas and are not afraid to pen it down for everybody. xx