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Point of Retreat (Slammed, #2) - Colleen Hoover Dear Will Cooper, I want you to be the Father of my kids. Or be my best friend in case it doesn't work out between us, along with Kiersten. Kthanksbye. --------------------------------------------------------I didn't see that one coming! ƸӜƷI cried! Butterfly I cried. I can't believe I cried for laughing so hard. This had me cracking and chuckling I can't even think of another book that had me crawl and punch the bed and my shaking looking like I have Epilepsy. But that aside, this one's a bit of an emotional downer too. Which makes it so Butterflying (hands down) superb! I just love POINT OF RETREAT. I can see that it has progressed since Slammed. it's also told in Will's POV. Double superb. And I just love every-singe-character of this butterflying book. Seriously, I want to live in their neighborhood. And did I mention that I love this book, yes? xx