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Love & Leftovers - This makes me so giddy, I can't even stop myself from grinning the whole time I was reading this. This has become official that I love me some verse novels. I find it more full of emotions that left you needing more but at the same time with content. I admit, this story makes me so happy I can't tear my eyes from the lines that I just finished it for 3 hours. Even that took a long time, I kept re-reading some of the lines. They're too "swoony" to miss. I am still smiling despite everything that's happened but i was glad it turned out to be great in the latter. I think I can't really control myself but, Linus and J.D! 'Nuff said. God, they're so sweet they make me want to devour them like sugar-coated doughnuts with a sappy love song. The first half makes me a giddy-giddy little girl that looks like I'm about to receive my birthday/Christmas/new years present all at once. That's how excited and exuberant I felt while J.D tells Marcie things that I don't even want to think because I'm so jealous. And for the next half, well everything falls out that I was actually sympathetic and at the same time thinks she deserves what she's done. But I'm awfully in a good mood that I let it pass just for her sake. And for the Leftovers. I think the Leftovers are the mixed people that I wanna hang out with in high school on my next life. I think they made everything bearable to think your life's so full of shit but with them there, you'll think you're still good to have them. I am speaking more of Katie actually. And I love everything about her. Her Japanese-manga and everything else addiction. And I think that girl's got potential.In the end, I am liking me this book! I think I would never pass the chance to read this again soon. It makes my heart flutter like a million butterflies flew from my stomach, heart and soul. :)xx