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Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2) - C.J. Roberts The most anticipated sequel to The Dark Duet series, Seduced in the dark, was a sure thrill ride and a total mindfuck. I swear it was an insanely good combustion of feelings from despair to hopeful - fury to passion - indignation to relief - remorse to redemption. Kind of a heavy whirlwind. I have grown to love Livvie and Caleb since Captive in the Dark(who wouldn't?), and witnessing the continue of their journey was a hell of a show! "Once upon a time, Caleb held me captive in the dark, now he used it to seduce me."The last installment started four months prior to the last incident. Livvie being in the hospital recounting the events up to the last bit. Along the way, Livvie and Caleb's lives were being unfold in what we say, insightfully crazy with both parts of good and bad. I cannot possibly explain fully how gut-wrenching, twisted, wrong, and other sick way the story has become. Many times I experience myself cringe, chilled, shakes head, and almost want to scream on how freaking insane everything was mostly because of Caleb. But, I still find it in me to never hate the guy. Not loved, but didn't hate either. But glad I changed opinion towards the end. He looked at the girl one last time. "I love you, Livvie"He put the key in the ignition and drove away.I admit, I cried. Damn you, CJ Roberts for writing such intense story in every possible way. I love you for that! I cried for Livvie. I cried for Caleb. I cried for Livvie and Caleb for their lives together. I feel like a consequential spectator of Livvie and Caleb's lives. Everything that happened to begin with, both all they have been through - the deceitful world he believed - and the pavement to love and freedom was very overwhelming. I would never have thought of a better conclusion than what CJ Roberts did here. This series is the bomb! I know, I know. I've always said this probably a gazillion times but I don't want this series to end! It really makes me sad knowing there's no more Caleb and Livvie to look forward to. In all honesty, The Dark Duet has got to be one of highlights in my reading experience. What with all the fireworks of emotions one story can bring."Fight the battles you can win and accept the ones you can’t. That’s how you survive." - Caleb"I had learned the one thing every person has to learn to make it through life: the only person you can truly count on is yourself" - Livvie/Kitten"Whatever he was doing, it was a very big deal. It would change everything between us, but he’d asked me to come with him, and when the man you love asks you to go with him – you go." Livvie and Caleb will always be in my heart, always. They brought a different meaning to survival, love and holding on. And I would never try to forget that. xx