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Undeniable - Madeline Sheehan I learned that whenever I take a sudden interest on a certain book, then I must all at once read it before the gnawing feeling disappears because, ya know, I have the tendency to perpetually add books and forget some of it entirely, which is just sad. This book is for you if: 1) Age difference doesn't bother you (and I'm talking massive difference). 2) You're good with Very hot, very steamy, very ugggghh... sex scenes. 3) Unfaithfulness is A-okay. 4) Like a character one minute and wanting to slap them senseless the next. 5) You're into the very dominating Alpha-male. 6) You want biker dudes and the baddest of the boys. 7) Harsh, crude and dirty situations and language doesn't get you off. 8) You're up for the wildest read of your life. This kind of story isn't really for me. I personally like my boys who thinks they could conquer the world with power of fortunes. The typical alpha male that I came to know. But I am also in the likes of a messy, troubled people so I took my chances. Imagine my surprise that I ended up liking it. The story was really gripping and enthralling. It's not everyday you get to come across a story that has a very realistic feel to it. Not just those full of fluff and ends with a happily-ever-after. I barely know what's going to happen next in this one. "I like you, kid", He said, still grinning. "You got good taste in tunes and you've got a pair of chucks on instead of those stupid fuckin' high tops everyone's wearin'."He liked me. This was hands down the best day ever.A word of thumb: Undeniable comes with a warning so proceed with caution.Undeniable is a story of love lost and found. The story is different shades of clusterfuck. It's very straightforward and no holds barred and if it were a person, it couldn't care less what you think. These characters are confused, unsystematic and removed from the average society. They are not afraid to end a life but are passionate at the same time. They take possessive ownership on what's theirs.Deuce is not an exception. I am intimidated by his character. Might I meet him in real life, I'd be running through the hills. His character is very dominating. Expect a full-on controlling, jerk-face badass. Yes, controlling is the right word and I hate him for it. Only if he's not bringing Eva to oblivion. He is one sad M*F*! I don't like him constantly calling a woman 'bitch' because I personally think it's crude and offensive and insulting. Yet I appreciate him. See, I'm also twisted like that. I really like it when people are really messed up but they tend to stand and pick their selves back up again. I only mean well. Eva is a really strong character. Her love for Deuce stands the test of time. There are tons of time jumps that they get to meet up again and the chemistry and desire is still there. Only it becomes stronger. I appreciate her fierceness in wanting things. I think the submission of herself was very bold and it's not at the time felt freaked out about it. I thought that was monumental and hot. Mostly it was hot. Seeing as she lived her early life with strong, overly protective familial men made her unyielding and spunky.The story was really good. I think this brings me on edge and I'm not down with portraying women like they are below everything and that they are only good for their body. I admit, this really made me a little uncomfortable with constant gaping and cringing. But I like the realness, if not too realistic, the emotional engrossment that it brings me on a deeper level. Never had I thought I would enjoy stories that goes rough around the edges.Need I point out that the moment I finished this, I was itching to read something very funny or a YA dystopia because this was just too much.xx