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Blood Red Road (Dust Lands Series #1)

Blood Red Road (Dust Lands Series #1) - It was all set in the stars the moment the world began. The time of yer birthin, the time of yer death. Even what kinda person yer gonna be, good or bad.This has got to be the next best thing that I've read this year since The Hunger Games and honestly, nothing can top the HG Trilogy. But Blood Red Road stands on it own with its own special thing. I definitely find myself drawn to every page, sentences, words inside the story. And it's never a lie when people appreciates Saba on her bravery and perseverance in finding for her twin brother. Saba is seriously one of the best heroines I have read. She has this attitude and characteristic that makes you want to be just like her. I love how strong she is that she just wanted things to be done on her own but not in a selfish way. The story touches greatly on how important relationships are. May it be on siblings or friends. What's great about her as well was how she manages to think of others first instead of herself, like on how she'd grown to care and protect so much for Emmi. That has got to be one of the fundamental impact on the story. I'm having doubts whether there will be a second book but I sure wish there'd be. The ending was good, quite right for an ending actually, but there is something about the way things end that you just have to find out more about the characters. And there's this one specific character I am looking forward to knowing since he is so mysterious. Overall, I LOVE BLOOD RED ROAD. I didn't know why it took me so long to pick this book up from my shelves but I'm glad I did before the year ends! :)xx