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Hidden - Catherine McKenzie "One minute doesn’t erase a thousand."You know that elated feeling when you've read a good book at the right time. When it had you inside-out of your senses and leaves you thinking about it longer than you thought you would. And how you almost don't want to read something else for a while with this still in your mind. I rarely feel those anymore and with me kept on skimming on some lousy reads and wasting precious time on unworthy words. But I found myself the joy of staying up late with agitation on finishing Hidden.I wouldn't have thought I'd be adding her books to my TBR but I did! Boy this author could write so good. There's something about her writing that I was greatly fond of as I am with Sarah Dessen (note: Sarah Dessen is my all time favorite author). Like how well Catherine makes her story, letting it speak on its own as if it has a life, and spins it in a way that when you know what'd happened you still looking forward to what will be. Doing it surprisingly graceful and consistently in a pace a gorgeous prose would. As Hidden being my first Catherine McKenzie book, and certainly wouldn't be the last, it captured me like how few gorgeous stories did. With the ever-present serious face I wear when I concentrate on my read. The heart skipping a beat in the subtle gentleness of the affection. And when, somehow, these people get to you and how you want them to stay that way and never leave, or in this case never end. "Time’s a funny thing. Yesterday, each second was a thousand, each minute an eternity. But now it’s slipping past me at the speed of light and I don’t know how to slow it down."Hidden was such a wonderful story about these three lives coming together with a common point and how everything comes full circle with situations that somehow brought these two women together, one with the thought the demised was being unfaithful, and the other wholly being an amazing comrade. It's not a tragic story, rather a beautiful rekindling of precious moments and memories that are sure to be left but not forgotten. How a simple act of connection could ravel/unravel the past, the present, the future, the lives of these three people having known but not familiar. What the story really did it to me was how the representation of these lives, the people outside the three leads, could make a huge impact on who these people were and what they've become. The talk of family dynamics was very well portrayed and presently open without overlapping or turn-about on some cases. A wonderfully written novel that captivated me from the beginning - on the factual death to the surprising ending - and how the transition from each points of view were covered with the right character and disposition. And to be honest, I kept thinking what hidden really means, of course I have some assumptions here and there, but really it was just there, open and ended. xx