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Blackmoore - Julianne Donaldson "I think the most profound beauty is found in what our hearts love. And I love this, Kate, more than I love anything else. It is beautiful to me. It is home."With the talk of marrying whom, Kate sworn to never, ever marry. For she had discovered the ways of how things might end up should she follow her desires. How she longed for escape, freedom, and living the life not shadowing the wrong doings of her family. And when Henry is there, constantly saving her, sweeping her off her feet, could she still ever think of running away? All that jazz, and a lot more. In this latest novel from the wonderful Julianne Donaldson, she creates and explores a society in peril with novelty, class and sacred reputation whom some of them could even care less about. I guess the potent thought of this novel, as well as with the other, is how incredibly principled and dignified the lead was til the end.Having read and loved [b:Edenbrooke: A Proper Romance|12820360|Edenbrooke A Proper Romance|Julianne Donaldson|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1371398291s/12820360.jpg|17969941] to a degree, I vowed to read the next book this author would grace to this land. And yes, I have been eyeing Blackmoore since I heard of its progression. Because man, if you haven't read Edenbrooke I don't know how much you've been missing. It's the book that you'd want, and so much more. From the sweetest and the swooniest romance to the mighty heroine, one could never go wrong of the one of a kind historical novel. With [b:Blackmoore: A Proper Romance|15795628|Blackmoore A Proper Romance|Julianne Donaldson|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1366846456s/15795628.jpg|21517875], I'd say we got a taste of another side of this author. While I did not love it as much as I have its predecessor, it was still a great story nonetheless. And unlike its predecessor, this has a more evedent drive with its grave issues at hand - with marriage, reputations, reflection to the society - and because Ms. Donaldson doesn't take it easy on her readers. No. She gives us what we want to learn and what we could greatly ponder. She gives us hope, with her invariable females so admirable and true I wish I have their courage. Unwavering in distress, yet standing up to what they believe was right and just, fighting for what they want to have. Those to be the epitome of feminism. "There is nothing beautiful in the natural world than what you have just seen. There is nothing more moving than that devotion, that steadfast love." I applaud how the author writes such classical romance with the touch of reality. That said, you should not have lived in the past to completely enjoy the story, rather everything truly reflects what's in the ever-present society. Fans of classic regency novels as such with Jane Austen would greatly love Julianne Donaldson's novels. ARC provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Quotes taken from the advance copy may or may not be on the final copy. xx