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Thousand Words - Jennifer Brown A PICTURE'S WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS.BUT THEY DON'T TELL THE WHOLE STORY.3.5 starsI remember an incident that happened in our City not too long ago about the same thing. Sexting. Apparently, sending naked pictures about oneself, or just forwarding the text, was not unusual as we are run and mostly living thru the technology. Teens are probably more skilled on the technical stuff rather than their parents as we are more loose and will likely tinker on what's new. And cellular phones are much of a greater level than boyfriends as they sleep with it every night, and grabs it the moment they wake up. I am very guilty of this. What? You wouldn't know if it's important. So back to my story. This college couple was said to have taken not a picture, but a video of them having sex (which was more serious). Years after, the video was spread out within the school as students made a feast out of it and not sooner, all over the city. The school was very devastated as it was a Catholic School and was run by priests and nuns; and said girl from the video was sponsored by the nuns. So imagine the disappointments. She was about to be expelled and will be at risk to not graduate. Fortunately enough, through the sympathy from other student's parents, and other people, she was chanced to stay and finish her last year. In the course of the incident, students has to wear civilian clothing than their uniforms because they were shamed with what happened. Parents by then were murmuring to their children to not do those acts and other obscene, ungrateful behavior. Not long after the issue subsided then was gone form the airwaves. But what happened was already engraved to the children's minds, and especially to those who have seen it. "Are you looking for something in particular?Anonymity. Freedom. Peace. Do you sell any of those here? Are those purple-tag items? Because I would think they'd be full price if anything was. Hot commodities."Like the girl, Ashleigh became the victim of her own doing. It may be a considerable decision at the time, but pondering on the idea, she was dubbed as a Child Pornographer. In the end she suffered the whole student body's scrutiny, then the whole town on how far her picture went. I can't imagine passing by the corridors and hearing catcalls, whispers, and lewd comments about you and not break down to it? Have I been on the receiving end I'd most probably have died of shame. But she heard it all, thought it through day and night the impact of what she's done due to peer pressure and constant longing. I'd say she's not the only one who have gone through a bad break up, probably bitter ex-boyfriends done a much shameful things with shaming their ex, to the extent of spreading a pornographic material of the other half. But this does not only affects the victim, but more so on the suspect. They both deal with the humiliations that carries the content, and soon would likely affect their future. The novel was not strong, nor was it deep and a more thought-provoking than what I'd expected, but it was really good to say the least. Because when we say we want something that deals with teen issues, Thousand Words would surely be on the appropriate-books-to-read. Though it was simply written and fast-paced, all points on the matter was completely covered and the author did a really great job at capturing the realistic cause and effects of the issue, and as to how people embrace such subject. I was only glad it didn't lean on the romantic side as this thing should not be taken lightly. Awesome stuff."Don't hear it, Ashleigh, I told myself. Be Blind and deaf to it. Exist in your own quite, dark world. You're in a tunnel. You're floating. Just a few more feet and you're there at the finish line."xx