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Penthouse Suite: A Loveswept Contemporary Classic Romanc - Sandra Chastain "You want to stay here, in the employees' quarters? Wouldn't you be a little out of place?""If you're here, it will be the Taj Mahal." "So, I'll break another pipe. You can rewire the refrigerator. But I'm not letting you go.""Well, I'm scheduled for a fifteen-minute coffee break. Do you have any coffee, Max?" "Coffee? I'm dying here from wanting to kiss you, and you want coffee?""What have you done to me, Kate? I've just spent days in meetings where I didn't hear half of the discussion. My appointment book is blank. I haven't even set up my weekly schedule. When I walk through the lobby, every woman I see is you. And you've got me mopping bathrooms, giving baths to birds, watching old movies." "Ah, Kate. You've bewitched me. You've turned me into a weak-kneed, bald-headed Samson, and I'm caught up in your spell. What are we going to do?""Max, as long as the rest of you works, we'll buy a wig."**I enjoyed it so I thought I'd throw in some moments that had me grinning.Sigh. So Penthouse Suite was republished this year, and I received a copy through Netgalley. I did not know this was an old book but I thought it was still so good, so fun, so sweet. Just proves to show that romance is not dead and love will stand the test of time (Chos). I liked it! I admired both the characters, Kate and Max. Kate's nature of wanting a great adventure and denial to be tied down shifted when the hotel owner got under her skin (figuratively), as was with Max. They seem to be good for each other and I can't help the entertaining wit and be amused by their comical banter. Although complication towards the end was a bit absurd, it was fairly predictable. But really, it was a short read that managed to let me stay up all night and put a smile on my face before I went to bed.