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Fall For Me (The Tate Chronicles, #1) - K.A. Last I've put this book on-hold long enough to actually found myself having lost in interest, so whenever I decided to pick it up again I remember what prompted me to halt in the first place. While the story looks rather catchy, there's something wrong with the balance of the story with its characters and the events that are happening.It hurts for me to say that I did not like Fall For Me as I find there were tons of fault in the delivery. It lacks development; the progression was erratic, and they are trying hard to make it strong when mediocrity was clear as day. And honestly, I think the dual POV is unnecessary since Josh's character wasn't even that much important. If it's only because we're trying to see the point of the love interest here then it completely failed since there's a love triangle going on. I don't even know why it had to be thrown in. I understand that something happened to him but I see other characters that are more particular than him, such as Grace's brother, Archie. The characters are quite juvenile in my taste. With all their talk of fighting for evil and for their loved ones, all I can picture them is only hanging out in the park and playing hide and seek; especially when Grace is constantly crying. Is there something wrong with her, I don't know. I'm sorry but their too young for my taste and in my opinion they only create their own complication that is purely irrelevant to what was happening.