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On Every Street  - Karina Halle Read-along with the lovely Rachel.*I think it's safe to read this before Sins & Needles to get past the Javier withdrawal as many have quite undergone. And pretty, pretty please tell me there will be a story with his POV. I want need it! I don't know where to begin. It had render me speechless. Oh, this Karina Halle is freaking awesome; the way she tortures me to the core, I loved it. Somehow for a prequel, it was full-packed and neatly wrapped in a perfect square topped with a pretty little bow."...If you were to ever leave me, I'd come looking for you, on every street."For those who've read Sins & Needles, this was what we were looking for, answers we shall seek herewith, some clarification, and some unexpected appraisals will be given. And for those who haven't, you're in for an awesome ride of your life. This series is so gorgeous I can't recommend it enough. Basically, this is Eden White's story. This was way before old memories bumpin' her when she least expected. Way before making a new, clean slate of her life . Way before her past that comes to hunt her, that somehow wants her dead. This was Ellie Watt creating Eden White, the young, innocent, and falls head over heels for Javier Bernal. This was Eden White, the con artist. I guess when she made the decision of hunting her past down she didn't get the picture of what's in store for her. 'It's just when I chose Javier as my mark, I never thought my mark would choose me. Because that's what Javier had just done. I wanted to win over his heart so I could get what I wanted. But I had a feeling he was about to get to my heart first.''I thought I was a good con artist, but apparently you put a hot man in front of me and all my instincts go to shit.'It wasn't that she made a wrong target over Javier, when as a matter of fact he was perfect. He didn't know about her, but wants her nonetheless. Subsequently, would it be wrong to think that I love Javier more than I appreciate Camden? That I find a more masculine, appealing character at him than with the other? I know, I know. But he's sick and twisted, you would say. Yeah, I think he is too, but that's why we have this story. It was like Adam and Eve before civilization. We get to understand his nature in the scope of Eden White's telling that unbelievably was not what we expected. And unexpectedly to fall, feel for him.I think before starting this, I have this preconceived notion to hate the guts that is Javier. That while I was reading I might want to stab myself for his wrong doings, and most especially to what he'll do to Ellie/Eden. I've run through the whole idea of this dude being a huge motherf*cking scumbag and see him burn into flames. Oh, boy how I was dead wrong. I can't explain how I love Javier so much in this novel (except for the last part in the book) (and we all knew about that) (and I still want answers!) for being the quintessential alpha bad-boy in the hood. Also, I won't deny the fact that I got a little emotional at the end. 'He lied. I lied. Any love that starts out under a lie is bound to kill you. I just didn't want to die on my feet.' Talk about a roller-coaster of emotions! We get to see first hand how this dude works and what's he's up to. It can be scary, it can be very sexy, it can be whatever you wanted in a man. Which side of him do you want? Scary? Sexy? And yes, expect to swoon, sigh, and fall head first to this debonair! So, what are you, Team Javier? OR Team Camden? Oh, dilemma, dilemma. Again, I WANT HIS OWN POV! HEAR THAT, MISS HALLE?!xx