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Hearts in Darkness - Laura Kaye Sweet Ice cream cake! That was delectable.I LOVED IT! I loved it so, so much I read it under 2 hours because it was that good! I want MOOORE! Okay, I gotta let this out because I complain about the insta-love/insta-connection thing, or an 'hey I just met you and this is crazy but you look so gorgeous I love you maybe?' case (your song had finally done something useful, Carly Rae Jepsen) because that's completely unrealistic. I mean, who falls for someone they just met with lets say in a week (not me), let alone in a day (only if it's in a book); and in this case - a couple of hours. So what happened here that I was so keen to approve of? It was essentially a Makenna/Caden thing, something you will understand once you've read it. While the idea of being trapped in a pitch-black elevator with a man and somehow you feel comfortable with over this whole ordeal seemed absurd, between Makenna and Caden was another story. Before they board the famously infamous elevator they were this entirely distinctive person , then they left the confinement and became different altogether. In between was a carefully constructed series of emotions - fear, anxiety, trust, hope, want - that justifiably describes as to why they are affirmed.Did it feel rushed for me?No. I think the scenes were well executed and their actions speaks so much within the short period of time they were together. Though I still demand it should have been longer.What did I think of the characters?Makenna and Caden are such real people. They were eminent yet believably pained that tugs your heart. They were wholly unknown to one another until their shared lives opened them more. What highlights their character?They proved that they were not shallow and that it's enough to know a person through their take on life and experiences. I think that makes a massive attraction, through communication. Did the characters even have a chemistry?Their lovemaking has got to be one of my most favorite scene all through out the book! It was so sweet, raw, passionate, and unbidden that one wouldn't think they just met. And if that's not a clarification for connection then I don't know what is. Does this change my perspective about the insta thing?No. This was clearly an exception! Yes books, continue to wow me. xx