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Fighting for Flight - J.B. Salsbury Insta-here. Insta-there. Insta-everywhere. Why must their romance bloom under the first time they meet? No, scratch that; it was something much creepier that happened. Why were they lusting and acting all obsessive the moment they first laid eyes on each other. And what happened to the guy saying he doesn't bang chicks twice and will never, ever bring them home, yet the he just met her and the world was suddenly cloud freaking nine! He even invites her to live with him the week after they became acquaintances. I mean, who in their right mind would agree to living with a person you.just.met? A guy no less. I swear, this chick just screams 'bang me till your hearts desires', and I can't take another second of her stupidity. Of course with her being all 'I'm a twenty year old virgin and I'm a good girl', which she clearly doesn't act like it, seriously throws me off! If I had my way I'd punch this chick till she grows some sense. Where is the consistency of the story? Where is the growth? The only growth you'll be reading is about this dude's insatiable erection looking for some wild ride. Call me what you will, but I am so mad and disgusted and provoked. This would have worked, you know, at some point, but I just don't see how much I could handle with these idiots. So yeah, it didn't sit with me. Story of my life. Can I just laugh at my mistake with this one. It was fun though if you count laughing your ass out of their insanity because I really had fun with it along with finding so much faults. I did not even bother to list them about 15% of the story. I might have ruined my desk as I was perpetually doing head-desk moments all through out.