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There is No Light in Darkness (Darkness, #1) - Claire Contreras (Contain spoilers)*shakes head*1.5-2 stars. Not again, ambiguous blurb. Not again! Sorry. This didn't work out for me. I swear I was trying my damndest to enjoy it, to like, and to feel it. But I just can't. There seems to be a lot of going on all at once that I don't know which to follow. The story looks promising and when you think about it, it has high potential. Apparently, I've read this kind of well-rounded story once upon a time (in which I haven't had the chance to write a review but will do soon), wherein everybody liked/loved it so much they want to sleep next to it. I guess this is a case of it's-not-you-it's-me round again. The beginning had me intrigued. Her parent got murdered and she was sent to some strangers haven. That said, I think that's the biggest issue that should be talked about. Then there's this thing about the guy friend that she seems to be so hung-up on. I can't help but point out that this guy has a girlfriend - a barbie doll, perfect girlfriend - but soon breaks up with her. Figures. He calls/cooes at our heroine most of the time and tries to make advances to her. The constant 'baby' calling has to stop dude. It's not that cute anymore. That endearment ended long before you began. So, I can't help but notice the story just centers between this lovely couple we have here and how they like to do each other. I am a huge fan of YA romance but, you guys, I don't know what you're doing.I'm trying to understand Blake because of her situation. Her character looks strong but at the same time whacked. I'm trying to understand her being reasonable through all this but she's not. I want he finding answers and clues about her life and the life of her beloved, only to have her telling us about her sexscapades. If that doesn't make you smack her then I don't know what does. I'm surprised it has a slight mystery in the scene because I thought the author can't get enough writing about these two. That finally, this story is actually going somewhere; so that's where my extra star goes. I was more interested on those guys following Blake around, everywhere, which should have been the highlight of all this, than taking about her insane relationship. The story alternates between the past and the present which sadly still talks about your love life. GAH!I don't say I'm surprised about the ending because, clearly, I'm not which is a BIG WTF?! She gets kidnapped. Really? Not much has happened in the story only to end with you being kidnapped? By who? Any why would they kidnap you? What the heck is going on? I don't think this is categorized as suspense. Is it the suspense of getting laid? HA! I just hope I get a lot more substance on the next book because I'm not sure I want to root for your survival even if you're insanely rich. What does her parents do, anyway? Some covert mafia thugs? Hmm, we'll see. xx