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Sins & Needles - Karina Halle Revenge never felt so good.4.5. Wow! I wan't prepared for what was in store for me.Wow. Just awesomesauce. This author can seriously write and she's not even kidding. It's been a long time since I've been blown away by a book that had me panting and grinning like cray-cray. The exhilaration and thrill had woken up my deep need for some action; and we're talking heavy action. Don't even get me started about Ellie and Camden - but I'll tell you anyway. Oh gosh. Where to start? I enjoyed everything about it. Heck, I loved it! It just so happens that this was exactly the kind of book I have been missing out on.It came down to who needed the money more. He had his opportunity to escape and start over. It was only fair that I had mine. Shitty reasoning, I know. Sometimes I was just all out of excuses. It's like envisioning a more serious version of Fun with Dick and Jane and Ocean's Thirteen's love child. Imagine all those fun and mayhem those films were; and that's exactly what this was all about. The story started off kicking some serious balls. We were smack dabbed in this girl's cruelest of intentions and she has reasons for it. She have it all figured out - wrapping her pawns around her sticky little fingers - so earnest to sneak, rob and escape and somehow continue with that cycle for as long as she had to. Well it's funny how your past has a way of keeping up with you that it wants you dead. I tell you this girl is insane.You might think I would because I'm a criminal, but not all criminals are the same, and I swear I do have a set of morals somewhere in my body. You might not see it, but it's there.You have no new tale to tell? 26 years on your way to hell.Ellie. Beautiful, sad, wounded and lost. A freak, a work of art, a liar and a lover. And the infamous Con Artist. I can't fathom how she'd done it but she did and she gets away with it cleanly. How she manage to be somewhat different yet so her. Only then was she on the run for some severe damage and for entirely messing with the wrong person. And how she ends up with the clutches of Camden McQueen was beyond me. "Ellie Watt," he said as he crouched down to clean, "I wouldn't even trust you if you were dead."Camden is a different story. He's on the run for his mishaps that even wants him ruined. His past have him on a choke-hold that is impossible for him to get away. With the arrival of Ellie, bringing with her memories he was in desperate to put behind, he finds in her the perfect plan. Then he starts putting all thing in motion, schemes began to stir and an opportunity finds its way to set for escape.Together they find an out and together they battle to what's keeping them free. If this two aren't perfect for each other then I don't know who is. These two are just so fun to be around with. With her projecting her own devices and he on his own, I don't even know hoe they're going to pull off what they intend to do. One moment they had me quivering with fear for what they plan to do and have me laughing out loud the next. I am so impressed with this book you bet 'cha I'll read the next with superb earnest.I'm pretty sure, if not all but some of you, would really like this to the bone. There are tons of going on but you never find a single dull moment. It's fast paced that will have your heart racing like cracked and events that have you saying, 'Wait, what?' and 'Oh no, girl. That did not just happen'. Everybody seems to be crazy in their own way here and that's what you love about them.I'm glad a prequel was all set because I really need to know what happened with Ellie way before she became what she was now. How she was all this madwoman and steal her way for the life of her. I have heavy qualms over well-rounded books where you get to see shinny, flashy high ratings in which everybody seem to really like but only you wanting throwing up (cue eye roll and gag motion). It's sad to be the odd man out, and trust me, I've experienced worse. So, what had me decided to pick up and started Sins & Needles? I said screw it and just took my chance. Turns out, one of the best decisions I've done because it was so, so good. It's so good that I even passed out on the living room couch because I refused to be lured to my neatly made bed because I don't want to sleep because the excitement is freaking killing me. But I slept on the couch anyway and was startled when my brother arrived around 2am. Talk about a mood killer.xx