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The Arrangement 3 (The Arrangement, #3) - H.M. Ward FUUUUUUU! These endings are killing me! I want the last book now. Oh my, oh my, oh my! I am really loving this mini series I just want to crawl inside it. *serious gushing mode* Okay. Here goes...The story always manage to get better and better every darn time. Avery and Sean had a rocky relationship to begin with. They first met at an unusual time, under duress circumstances, and somehow finds their way towards each other without even meaning to. Now on the third book in the series, their burgeoning connection seems inevitable and likely unstoppable that I could clearly see as day that they are wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Everything looks to be how it should but sometimes, strong feelings get the best of you.Each ending of every book in this series is such a huge killer because of its mean cliffhanger but this has got to be the best one yet. A lot has happened here. Oh the scenes, those hot and sexy scenes. You will not be disappointed. Both our characters discover a bigger part of one another which may or may not be a let down but in someway would help them think it through. Over the course of their story, Avery and Sean grew to be more comprehensive and a little mature than I would have expected, which I always find had failed other similar genre stories. I love how they don't waste idle discourse and unnecessary topics that ruin the structure of the plot. Considering this is a short story series, I applaud the author about how she handled the story to run this long but never, in a single moment, have I found it dull. She kept it straight and meaningful and that's just perfect. I'd be surely sad when this ends since I have grown to really love them both.xx