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Sanctum - Sarah Fine Anybody familiar with [a:Dante Alighieri|5031312|Dante Alighieri|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1310943198p2/5031312.jpg]'s The Divine Comedy where the dead's soul or afterlife moves along whether in the gates of heaven; the fires of hell; or to wait in purgatory. These are the state where in theory we thought might happen. In [a:Sarah Fine|5752145|Sarah Fine|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1336152650p2/5752145.jpg]'s paranormal fiction series, Guards of the Shadowlands, she created a world like you'd never imagine, where when somebody dies in their own will would be most likely to arrive at the Suicide Gates armed with huge, armored guards, and wandering souls pent at their own suffering. It's not a picture of heaven nor hell and neither was it some place to expiate ones sin. The Suicide City plays a major setting with our heroine, Lela, to find the friend that means every waking, breathing second of her life. She wanders through a labyrinth of the dead's wants, needs, and desires that surrounds all over the city - that builds and expands - when humans wished it to be. Through there she went about seeing more and knowing little of the place. She made serious choices and grave decisions just to save and somehow steer her friend from what would have been an implacable damage."Tell me before you go. I really want to know. Why would you give up your chance at happiness to come to what you knew was a horrible place? Why would you do that, knowing she chose to kill herself? To leave you and everyone else who loved her? Why would you come after her and trap yourself here when she made such a choice?"I also want to ask her that. Why go through all that's about to happen just for Nadia? But then she gave us her reason. She lets us be inside her and make us feel what she felt when she's with her. She lets us see the full-frontal feeling of what it's like be cherished and admired of what and who she really is. So I guess it's only fair she'd do it despite enduring the machinations. To quote her: "The things I do for friendship." I were in her situation though, I don't think I could do it. I would live for the life one would never have and that's probably something I'd do for somebody. That said, I give her enough credit for being bold and brave.In the quest of Lela's search, she meets these people she'd grown fascination to. Those who would also be willing to bet their lives and responsibilities just for her sole purpose. Malachi is what you may call a knight and shining armor. His character, though we'd usually come across this kind of hero, somehow has a different zing to it. His sterling disposition is not hard to miss and surely ain't easy to forget. I wholly admire what he's capable of doing, what he'd come upon to encounter, and most especially, what he'd experienced and gone through in what became of him. Seldom have I read wherein the second most important character had a troubling back-story so you could only imagine what I felt when I read something about Malachi's past. Other than him, I thought Ana was a great character too. She's quite resilient and intense, though I was saddened of what happened to her. No spoiler. :) Surprisingly, I was baffled that although this was kind of a fantasy book, it did not shift away from the realistic idea. The characters, if not most of the time, would greatly experience and reflect in their emotions. The talk of depression, dying, or something to do with the psychological, physical or mental sense was highly present and notable. It was really something I was glad to look forward to while reading. "Some people can't keep fighting. Some people want to escape. Some people are not ready - are not able - to find a way for deal with what's in front of them. Sometimes there's no one to help them. Sometimes they don't know how to ask for help. Sometimes it feels like there's no choice but to end it. No other way out. And sometimes it's impossible to see past that.This book, I tell you is super fun. And it's quite dark, but only a little bit. It's a different take on a paranormal/urban fantasy-ish story with an astounding new world and characters you would greatly admire. It's full of adventure and thrill so I'm sure everyone's good to go. I foresee this series will be great and I'll be there to witness it all.*A shout-out to my wonderful, spirited buddy-read, Stacia, for doing this with me. Though it took us a while to finish, but I really had fun. I'd be happy to do this again, soon! **Can't get enough of Malachi? Well me either so here's some treat the author was so kind to make: