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The Arrangement 2 (The Arrangement, #2) - H.M. Ward So. Apart of this series to be so dang short, it's such a HUGE tease! Seriously, I've never been teased like this for as long as I can remember. H.M. Ward better be writing for the next volumes now or I'll end up reading and re-reading about Avery and Sean - and lemme tell you, it will not do you good 'cause you'll find me up at you computer *snap* just like that! But still, thanks for creating Avery and Sean's story. I greatly appreciate it! (happy face)Basically, The Arrangement 2 continuous from where the first one left off. And I mean, from where it really left off. Our lovely hero & heroine were finally getting hot and heavy when complications arise. Rules happened and stuff occurs but nothing stops these two from doing what they both wanted. And boy, oh boy, were they so freaking hot. I'm a little disappointed that since the story progresses, I still know little about Sean. Only that he is super rich and drives a bike. He wears designer suits with a coat and drives a bike? Aren't you worried you'd ruin your couture? Because I'd surely be. And, Avery, darling. I still like you. I like that her personality maintains being reasonable, shy, and adorable. I hope we'd get an in-depth description about these two in the next installments to come.I am so excited for the next best thing I don't know how I can contain my excitement!! It better be not too long because I just want to hug Avery after how this thing ended. For those awesome people out there who haven't read this mini series yet, it's not too late to catch up. I know it's not as highly profound as other NA books but if you want a quick get-away from those heavy books, then this is totally perfect for you. And that way, we could gush about it together! xx