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Falling For You - Lisa Schroeder Falling For You was Lisa Schroeder's first full length book and I was so psyched because I've been a huge fan ever since [b:Chasing Brooklyn|6556855|Chasing Brooklyn|Lisa Schroeder|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347599399s/6556855.jpg|6749483], that it was an instant favorite. Lisa Schroeder is best known with her heartfelt, very poetic YA verse novels, so coming from her I certainly didn't want to pass everything she writes.Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this one as much as I did her other works. I think she's better off with verse novels, in my humble opinion. The story line was not strong, and the narrator has problem with being consistent and I think her character is a little immature for her age and her situation. This book is full of incompatible characters. Rae, Nathan, Leo, even Dean were missed up to begin with but that's all there is to know. You see, the problem was, Nathan is suffering from something in his past and along with his parents having no care for him and with his father having an affair. From that alone, it was not elaborated. Nathan is a tough character in the book but whatever he's going through was not put into detail. That's why I'll always refer to him as the 'creepy ex-boyfriend' and will always be. I would have understood what's going through him if he would have opened more with Rae. As for Rae, she didn't even gave Nathan a chance for explanation. She would always shun him an way possible and honestly I feel sorry for the guy. While he's chasing her for attention, she was also running for someone who better understands her. That's where Leo comes to the picture. There are still a lot of issues I'd like to point out but don't even get me started.Honestly, this roller coaster of drama is something I will consider petty because a lot may have happen and problems do escalate but these people didn't even try to take action as a matter of fact. I am suppose to root for Rae since she whines why her life is so missed up but she can't even say 'no' to her step dad for stomping all over her and her mom. I was very disappointed with this. I thought it would be as intense and cordial as her other books but I digress. This doesn't mean that I will not look forward to whatever she writes in the future but quite the opposite. This author has a very keen way of writing powerful stories. This one wasn't just it. xx