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Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion This conversation between R and M makes me reflect on what do I live for?"How can you change? If we all start from the same blank slate, what makes you diverge?""Maybe we're not blank. Maybe the debris of our old lives still shape us.""But we don't remember those lives. We can't read our diaries." "It doesn't matter. We are where we are, however we got here. What matters is where we go next.""But can't we choose that?""I don't know.""We're Dead. Can we really choose anything.?""Maybe. If we want to bad enough."Warm Bodies didn't drift from the conventional zombie novel that is. There's the impassive flesh-eating zombies and humans dispatching them for survival. But what might make this above other out there is that it's told from a zombie's point of view. From that on, I was practically sold. But a zombie being the narrator is new to me as well as how events turned out in the end. I could say I was astound to the whole thing that it's hard to think through after I was finished. It took me time trying to warm up with the story because it's not the customary zombie chase, with a little moan here and some grunts there. And even if R is lifeless, he feels so alive to me. Somehow I felt betrayed because I was really hoping to find a light, fun read out of this but I get a very deep, thought-provoking, poignant, and engaging one instead. I'm not sure I was ready but when I took off, it helped me afloat. Sometimes, things really took you by surprise when you least expect it. And in the end I was happy. Though I have to admit I was a bit sensitive at the ending I may have a tear or two. Don't even get me started at the writing. Well, it was clever and gratifying. R might be an average zombie. He hunts for food and feed from living human's viscera, and he seems dull that lacks vigor and excitement just like any other Dead with him. But he claims even in his monosyllabic state, he is very contemplative. And that's what got me to him. After the event in which appears to change his life, he starts to feel things he hadn't felt in a long time; and thought of memories he didn't know but from the life he took. Until then, he contemplates that whatever is happening to him might be a good thing and it could actually save them - both human and zombies - to go on living. Many say R and Julies' relationship is creepy, disturbing, sad, and at the same time, sweet. I agree. It's also incredible to the human mind if it were actually to happen in real life (here's hoping there will never be the case). If one delves much further in their connection, not just looking on the outside but also within, it will be fascinating to imagine what a human and a zombie could do and how their deep understanding bring forth confidence to both. This novel, I then discovered, does not solely focuses on survival rather for the breakthrough of the memories and emotions of the individuals and in discovering that there may be life left to be saved in either side. It may started out slow and confusing for me, what with this multiple identity stuffs, I was greatly on a roll as I got past it. Now I am ready for the movie! Bring on the reel, baby. I may or may not have a fault for letting my younger sister read this since it kinda has some mature probing yet since she didn't mention it, I'm a little relived. xx