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Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor Daughter of Smoke & Bone really had me on edge. I'm never really into fantasy books because magic and supernatural things isn't usually my thing. If one asks me how was (insert fantasy title here)? I would always be like, "Oh, it was awesome! I'm always in awe of authors who creates different worlds and kick-ass characters and amazing adventures." But really, I always base my opinion on the story progression and development of the characters. That's why I'm constantly on the wrath for realistic fiction because that's were I'm very comfortable at. So I talked myself into getting a little different than what I most have. I've read few fantasy stories in my lifetime and almost everyone of them I end up enjoying so much. And everytime I draw the same conclusion: that this was one mean amazing story. From the world-building; characterizations(especially when they mixed it up into something extraordinary); endeavors that are so farfetched; and scenes that are always so gripping you just have to understand every.single.word. So I say DOS&B fit in my criteria of an incredible fantasy book. This was so nicely written! Nice? More like fascinating. This author has a way with words that are so refined and scene sequences to look forward to that you have to be aware of every infinitesimal detail to not miss the whole scheme. And the imagery it could create to onself is just incredible. The idea of chimaera and angels are not new to readers who likes reading this kinds of stuff but her concept in the story was very great and you can't help but imagining the picture. I enjoyed everything about it that I can't stop thinking how much I love to continue when I give myself a little break.What really had me was the intricate suspense in knowing who Karou really was and discovering in another subtext story of what was the beginning. I mean boy, that was a page-turning point. I was so happy to at least know of the infamous Madrigal even if it didn't sit well with me what happened to her in the end. Speaking of end, I totally didn't see the whole revelation coming. I thought she was a literal daughter. See what fantasy books did to me? They keep me mind-blown! I was so excited when I know that it was set in Prague. I am always a sucker for art places in the world. And never did I know any other book so awesome enough for the characters to speak a language that only the certain country know how it's spoken. I'm rockin' on the Daughter fever! xx