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A Little Less Girl - Tess Oliver A quick read which starts off quite little less mysterious but ends a lot more satisfied. Told in both Jake and Dani's POV, I enjoyed A Little Less Girl while it lasted. This is not a dark-complicated story that I thought it would be but pulled out a different track on solving whodunit. After the sudden death of her cousin Amy and followed by her Grammie three month later, Dani and her Mom moved in to live the now residence-free home in the town of Raynesville. They settled in where Dani finds Amy diary and starts to figure out whether she really committed suicide or did somebody triggered her death. In the quest to look for answers, Dani finds herself in the presence of boy-next-door Jake, whom Amy also had a huge crush on. Where better way to start discovering some lead but thru him since the whole town seem to be pointing fingers that he's the reason Amy is dead. Dani had all the intention to hating him and busting his crap for what he'd done. Or so she thought. But it turns out -- you couldn't see the truth even if it's right there in front of you. "I didn't go looking for addiction; it came on it's own in a lemon Mustang. No lighter and pipe, no syringe, just a tiny scar interrupting an amazing pair of lips." - Jake Jake has been accused of Amy's death ever since it happened. No way in telling if it was really his fault on the words he had uttered but he instantly regretted it the second it left his mouth. Now everybody were pretty convinced it's because of his actions that had done it but now he just can't wait to left the forsaken town. Until he met Dani. He seem to be taken by her and all else forgotten but just the sight of her. Not only does she figure out Amy's case but he also tries to figure her out. "Suddenly I realized that even the deep, smooth sound of his voice had a profound effect on me. The last thing I needed was to fall for Jake West. I stepped out of his truck and our gazes meet instantly. I was in trouble." - DaniDani has known of the infamous Jake West and to what he had done to Amy, so she arrives with a vengeance. But everything falls when she gets a better look of who Jake really is and deeply convinced he could never do such a thing to her cousin. Who she thought was an adversary turned out to be an ally. She didn't knew it but she seem to be taking him in. Together, they share the memories of what Amy had left and finding the truth of really did happen to her.The story is not really that hard to follow. It was fast-paced and with equal parts sweet and mystery. Mysteriously sweet? The thing that I appreciated the most was how Dani was very keen in finding the who-what-why that left her cousin at the edge of the cliff. Unlike other romance YA, they tend to lean more on the romance part and left out the important issue in the story. So I am excited to read Dani's POV because she lets out hints and gives little suspense all through out. And even if Jake knows he's the town's 'dream boy' it doesn't really show much in the book about his status. The fact that he's not a jerk and a douche sends him at the top of my admired-characters list. It's not really heavy in the romance department but has quite some sweet parts and was good enough for me. xx