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Losing It - Cora Carmack I've always been a fan of Student/Teacher affairs that I would never pass up an opportunity to read whether it's a YA or Adult, just as long as the theme is well played. So, Losing It has, in a long time, been in my 'must-have-must-read-asap' list with a burning passion. What I thought to be a safe read in my part turned out to be not what I expected. "He smiled and I knew... I was in trouble."Oh yes, trouble in la la land. It's a funny thought where the girl is, according to her friend:"sexy as hell", was a virgin when they always party all the time. And I kinda think it's ironic that her name is Bliss when in the first scene she's contemplating whom to lose her virginity with. And by the way, I say it's a bad friend if she's pushing you too hard especially when it moves too personal. I think that being close friend's and all, one should know a boundary and stop when the other person says so. My point: I don't like her roommate. And a guy who is British, by the way, in which I've always had a thing for English men, was.... well, I had nothing to complain about. Oh yeah, that reminds me! I notice his lack of defense and acts irresponsible whenever he shows affection to Bliss considering they're almost in public. I thought his mature character is downplayed. This was not what I mostly expected to happen, not that I wasn't enjoying it, I did. But I was leaning more of an in depth relationship development with a little more struggle and ponder here and a lot more engaging tone there. I think Bliss an Garrick's romance was fast ans sudden without them giving much thought on how it may affect each or both of their careers. Personally, I was a little disappointed since I was very excited for this book for so long that I wanna pull my hair every time I see somebody reads or has read this. It's actually a very cute and fluffy read that you can't help not liking Garrick with his sexy accent. More of a quick, happy love story that will surely get in your toes. I was pleasantly surprised at the ending that had me consider adding up a star, but when I'm really looking at the exchanges, it baffles me. It sucks to be in the minority where you're not really grabbed by, whereas everybody seem to be loving and gushing over the book so much that it was so cute but, damn it! I just can't like it that much. I've been wanting to read this ever since I saw it in a particular list here in GR and was mushy over the blurb. But that's kinda where it ended for me. Again, it sucks when the blurb is much more exciting than the content itself that it became very explanatory. It's more of a case for me these days, those dilemmas. And I feel angry at myself for not finishing this in a day but had to put it down on multiple occasions and getting back when some time allows. I feel like a b*tch. But I was glad on how everything turned out to be, and that makes me happy. I'm excited for the author's next story though. It's with the guy who I think is sweet and should have his happy ending. :)xx