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Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake I loved it! Now that's covered, I also thought this would have a different effect on me had I read it earlier. You know, more chills and thrills. I was surprised and slightly disappointed though that it kinda lacked the intensive scare and thorough macabre. But other than that I was very happy. This was like Ghostbusters and Jennifer's body-ish offspring minus the sexy flesh eater. I liked the whole concept where the portrayal of ghosts kills/eradicates people in their wake, because I know that in real life they can't. Poltergeists maybe but cannot really harm. And by that, I keep on convincing myself that they are harmless since the story tells so otherwise.I liked Theseus Cassio "Cass" Lowood. Personally, I really have a thing for a male's perspective considering I really don't get that a lot. He was actually a very good narrator and paints, if not accurate then a well-diversed young ghost hunter. I like that he's not conceited and cynical. That he's good-natured and not condescending. I also love his desire to continue a family legacy where he is so dedicated yet means well. I love the idea of him obliterating ghost. It makes him so badass and lovely.Anna. Anna dressed in Blood. The infamous ghost who takes our protagonist by surprise. Even I was surprised that there's something that would come out for the both of them. I love that Anna has this two characters: (1) her being so fierce, scary, hunting and wicked and, (2) being the scared, vulnerable dead girl that she is. Both specters that I liked so much. It's like you can't complete a puzzle piece without the other. I liked the other choice of characters. The queen bee, a geek boy, the Wiccan witch and another consequential witch. Even a very stereotypical black cat was a charmer, but sadly what a poor thing that happened to it.I really, really enjoyed the first book of the series. Although it's not that gruesome and horror-ish but it was barely predictable. Or was it because I read it in broad daylight with many people around me. It goes more along the lines of a thriller/mystery type that I swear was heart-stopping and adrenaline-pumping especially the part where he faced his father's killer!. The graphically detailed actions were really spine-chilling. The dripping blood from Anna's dress was probably my favorite part ever. Where it falls heavy splotches in the wood floors and the dress is covered with dark red that seeps through out the white cloth. I think that description alone had me on the look over my shoulder. Like I said, I loved it!I knew there was a bit of romance in it where it was made clear nearing the end which I'm sure I'll be keeping an eye out on the next books of the series. I'm not sure how I feel about a human guy falling for a dead girl. Weird? Creepy? I think it's cute. Adorable. Because really, that's what I want to happen to them. I love Anna! And I love Cass' conviction of wanting to bring Anna peace and at the same time to want to be with her. Especially with his constant referring to her as "my girl". Now that's a call for a swoon moment. xx