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Bloodlines - Richelle Mead A spin-off that I was so adamant to start with was very good. I spent a whole week reading the Vampire Academy series and knowing there's a continuing story was very hard to pass up. What with the characters that I've grown attached with and admired so much. One of which was Sydney.Sydney Sage was such a very different character from what we were used to with Rose, and looking back, I find her still the Alchemy girl with strong religious beliefs and a fear of the unnatural and magic. Knowing her now, I am very glad there's a whole new series and her to look forward to. I very much like her character as her that if it'll change, I hope just for the better.The present of other characters that just light up the story was appealing to see. Especially when we're likely to see some character developments and love affairs. I know I want some more of Adrian Ivashkov.I really suck at this but I say that everything about this will be a new wild ride if not much as the last series but equally as good. Bloodlines will definitely be the series that I am very excited to read.xx