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Blood Promise - Richelle Mead Maybe I was underestimating the series since it started out kinda light for me. But going over everything that had happened from the first book to the third was insane. I never had thought I would be this very invested. I laughed, cheered, felt sorry, swooned and expressed other emotions I can't quite elaborate. I feel spent - emotionally and mentally. Blood Promise was never any different from said emotions but had surely made it all the more strong - or stronger to say the least. It was still insane with all the trek that even I had to take part on. To say the series couldn't be better would be an understatement because I don't know what else Richelle Mead could come up with that is not as exciting and exhilarating and adrenaline-rushing and heart-stopping as the series went on. It was so intense everything else can't come as close. By now, for first time readers like me, I am still sinking and trying to grasp everything that just happened. And seeing that I might be loosing it, I am clawing myself to read the next part, Spirit Bound, because I might suffer on brain hemorrhage - pun intended - for thinking to much. But I must restrain myself. breathe (in, out)I understood a lot of readers why Blood Promise was well loved, a favorite even, of the series. It brought the all-consuming feeling. Gratifying with all it effects flying everywhere becoming harder to hold.It's already a given that the characters were pretty badass even the bad guys so it saves me a time to give some out. But I'll tell you this - Alive or dead: only Dimitri has the right to be called a god and badass in the same sentence. Argument invalid.xx