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Drowning Instinct - Ilsa J. Bick Sometimes, when you put one and one together doesn't always have to be two; it could still be one. Thus was the case for Jenna and Mitch."See what?""Me, Jenna," he said. "So you would see me. And then you would know that you're not the only one who's lonely."This was not your typical YA novel where all's well in the end. What with a student/teacher relationship, this is not to be pass up. It's my kind of fairy-tale. Jenna dealing with incidents that almost killed her and how cutting helps encompass circumstances with the alcoholic mother and a psycho father, being in a psych-ward was good as being dead itself. When psycho-Dad puts her in a normal school where everything screams normal - with the kids she'll meet and teachers that'll keep her busy - nobody prepared her for Mr. Anderson, the Chemistry teacher. Yes, Bob, he's a teacher and very good-looking. Totally normal. What formed a friendship between them develops to something more that is illegal in most states in America. Having a relationship was what they didn't saw coming but once they found one another, Jenna and Mitch seem to be living in their own world - to believe in each other. Jenna and Mitch are two broken people in their own way. Two broken souls trying to live in the world. Two trying to make a difference - she for herself, him for other people. Their different pasts that led them somewhat connected in the present."Maybe by trying to fix me, he was also healing himself in the only way he knew how."How much can one willing to risk for other's sake?Mitch, the chivalrous-responsible-noble kind. I never once questioned his intentions him getting Jenna. In the back of my mind was all like (f*ck, f*ck, I knew it! In the end he'll be a pedo-freak), but of course he's not. And until the end, I was rooting at him for dear life. All that walk and talk with Jenna was real. Every. Word. Then there's the parents. I hate to say this but, Jenna's parents are the worst! I could practically count in one hand how many times they'd even thought about her. Really thought about her. Matt. His character isn't that huge, but he was a very big help for Jenna - in her progress and in dealing with her parents. I haven't been to therapy but I agree when they say writing eases oneself, and her sending him emails was a sort of a coping mechanism. This book left me very emotionally exhausted. Ohh the drama. This was very gripping, poignant, engaging. Over at the Acknowledgement, the author said "every book is tough." It takes a bold mind to be able to pull-off such complex and thought-provoking characters and plot. What she did here was so good I thought this was a dark YA book I've read to date. Ms.Bick was a very great writer in which she deals with realism, telling it how it is. No hold bars. You know, Bob, I believe things happen for a reason. Coz y'know until this point, there are these questions inside of my head that wants to be answered. I want things to be clarified, every single detail of a secret be unravel. But that's the thing about a very good book, Bob. They're so provocative you wanna tear your head out.One thing I'm pretty sure myself: Drowning Instinct begins and ends with you wanting for more. I know I am. xx