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Such a Rush - Jennifer Echols SUCH A RUSH is one of my most anticipated books this year, and I was very excited to get on with it. But I am very happy to say the Going Too Far was still my favorite Jennifer Echols book. Not that this was bad, it's was really fun.She was a dreamer, and she was a pilot.We were introduced to Leah who've lived in the trailer park most in her eighteen years near a municipal airport. She figured since she can't make it good in her life with her mother always away with her boyfriend(s) while they're up with their unpaid rents, she took up working at the owner of the banner advertising business that flies airplanes in operations since she was fourteen. Until then, she realized that the sound of airplane engines and the sight of the machine it self is all she wanted to be doing albeit stuck in SC beach town. So she saved up enough money for some flying lessons. Mr. Hall, the owner, took her under his wing and taught her everything to know about aviation. But when Mr. Hall died, a month after his oldest son died in Afghanistan, left his two sons(twins) Alec and Grayson manning the business. That left Leah employed by the Halls that comes with a totally different agenda, and will be a reason for her to continue her dream in flying and experiencing the rush she wanted.Whenever I read Jennifer Echol's stuff, it felt so totally different than reading other YA novels same as what I'm feeling when reading Sarah Dessen. I'm not trying to compare because obviously their's are different. It feels a little different mainly by their writing style. Ms. Echol's, as I'd noticed, was not commonplace but discerns subtlety. I admit, this book took too long for such introductions which made it very necessary. And all the talk about aviation, I would be fooling if I understood it one bit, but only the fun riding part. The characters? hmm, I appreciate Mr. Hall though he was in it in a while but he clearly was the story, and brought flight discussions make exciting. The there's the Halls twins, Alec and Grayson. I'm surprised I liked Grayson over at the beginning knowing he'll bring the hell on our heroine. Then I figured, what's not to like? He's the image of a swoon-worthy guy, and that says a lot. Alec though was the picture of a cute, honorable boy. Strangely I was trying to opt for something especially Leah's mom then thought she's not that important anyway. It's all about a girl trying to make it on her own! What surprised me more was the straight-forward and steamy relationship between Grayson and Leah. I've read Going Too Far, Forget You, and Love Story to know there's a lot of draw backs on such scenes, but the author definitely puts the RUSH on on a totally high level! More points for that. Even more so on Grayson being too tough and sweet. I've read all her books under this category and noticed the resemblance on the writing style. It was neat, raw, and realistic which I've come to like. "For the first time, I could see what most people never saw. I could see the town, and how I fit into it, and how far I would have to go to get out of it. I got such a rush, seeing that. And until the plane ride, I hadn't realized how low I'd felt for years, because I didn't have a high to compare it with."