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Interrupted: A Life Beyond Words - Rachel Coker Thank you to netgalley and the world of ARC for giving me the privilege to read the story.I kinda feel conflicted about the story just as the protagonist on her feelings. It began quite good and it had me hooked then through out. I see that this was a fast read, finished in no more than I usually do. The story, as I realize, has potential but had failed to actually elaborate on its sub-plots which made it a bit "lacking". I was expecting more talk regarding the war since that was clearly stated on the blurb, but sort of focused more on Allie being so bitter in most parts of the book which made me dislike her, and also to her romantic build-up with Sam. Sam, to me, is more of a reasonable character. He is more profound than the female lead. I get to know him more - on what he thinks, does, and wanted to do - instead of Allie. And there's Beatrice. She's a very lovely character. I feel sorry for her, on everything that she'd been through and actually though she was amazing. Her part made me anticipate the story as it goes on. The ending was not what I had expected, and sorry to burst the bubble but, it was rushed. Heck, everything felt so rushed. This could have tuned out to be engaging than this had been. This was a historical fiction yet why do I feel disoriented at times, feeling like some instances it was set in a modern day. Or maybe I'm just a bit confused. And the title! I don't get it. Was it supposed to be ambiguous?3 stars for Sam and Beatrice. xx