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Don't Breathe a Word - Holly Cupala THIS BOOK SHOULD COME WITH A WARNING!"There comes a point when a runaway decides it's safer to live on the streets than to live at home."Sometimes life takes a wrong turn that we question fate for what it is and what it's doing. Even the person we grown comfortably with could cause physical and emotional pain that it'll terribly screw us. We feel vulnerable and helpless we think the whole world dropped in front of our eyes. Of course, every body feels like shit once in a while but we are still grateful living at our desired pace - whether the road is rocky or smooth - that we are moving forward. For Joy's matter, she suffers a great deal of asthma dreading for it to strike her any time. But that's just a part of what's really in the picture. Her boyfriend, Asher, I agree he's an awesome boyfriend. He's rich, smart, and sexy. It gets to a point he could control Joy and ended up hurting her, not physically but in words. Yes folks, in words. Words could slice up ones life, drawing blood inside, and rots the core. It's the most powerful weapon of all. She felt threatened so she decided to run away avoiding the scariest words she'll hear. She ran to Seatle in the hopes that the boy she met might help her, save her even. But Creed is not what she thought he was. He was also running away from the ghosts of his past. Suffering in fear and despair ended him to be homeless. Creed takes a responsibility in protecting May and Santos another homeless teens(since he didn't get to protect the person he loved) with secrets of their own. The four of them threaded the streets of Seatle, trying to figure out how to live every single day - from stealing, garbage hunting, playing street music, petty modeling work, and slavery. It's hard for me to imagine what people do in order to survive. People who were homeless endure one of life's battles, even they are battling for themselves. They do everything just to have something to eat and somewhere to sleep. They tend to become immoral and we despise them and treat them like crap, ignorance as if they're not there. Because it's easy right? Because they are not our problem? And anyway we have our own problem to attend to so why bother. It's books like this that awareness is strong realizing we are not as helpless as others. That what we've gone through is not half of what others had withstand. Holly Cupala enlightened us a story of a person's broken soul and the lost of hope and how having a hand to reach get to change everything. DON'T BREATHE A WORD is a very edgy, raw, and emotional novel that takes you in a wild ride in a world of survival and the appreciation of life's necessities. I'm rooting for this to somehow have a happy ending because at least as I read along Joy, Creed, May, and Santos' tale, I want them living conveniently & satisfyingly in the end. I take pleasure knowing somebody who's distressed came to be a better person. xx