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My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick "The Garrets were my bedtime story, long before I ever thought I'd be part of it." - Samantha ReedMY LIFE NEXT DOOR is a very nice book and a perfect summer read. I didn't expect much of the story but surprisingly it was really good and kept me interested. Frankly I'm not one to judge a book by its cover, but I like book covers that are vague and quite symbolic compared to couples on covers since it kinda gives a way to the characters to which I strongly mind. But that just a sum of a whole part anyway when in fact we focus more on the context. Again, I was surprised on how the story turned out to be. It was well-written and very well-thought of. Amazing characterization which were far too many but was good because they did add substance. this book reminds me of The Truth About Forever where the girl is near damn perfect on the outside but slightly breaking on the inside - and basically the mom issue. I love Samantha's character. She is my favorite in the book because for a 17 year old, other may create her as dramatic and full of angst, but she was acting diligently and very mature for her age. I admire the potentially new-fresh narrative. Everything is very good but...I hate Clay and Gracie. 'Nuff said.