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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Make way vamps and wolves. There's a new creature in town. I'll write just a brief blurb about Obsidian because apparently I like it and I'm looking forward to the whole series.It basically starts with Katy and her mom moving to West Virginia from Florida after her dad died, and start a new life together. And since they're new, Katy's mom wants her to make friends with there neighbor. But apparently, the moment she knocked on the door and met the "green-eyed hottie", everything in her world will be in different shades of light and dark. And they both knew that being with each others' company will turn their world upside down. There is a lot of things going on here. It's sorta romantic, elemental, and endearing. This turns out to be fun and entertaining despite that the theme seemed repetitive in a way but it's got a different kind of fantasy. I never imagined somebody could write about extraterrestrials pretentiously to what we thought and believed. The author lived the kind of young adult-paranormal righteously. The thing that bothers me though is how likely this book is freaking similar to twilight. Not as close as the Fifty Shades can be, which I thought that was just major plagiarism. Certain stuffs such as where and how the girl knew about their kind, the cafeteria cliques, and let me not mention the hottie-hot-hottie dayum Man. Okay the last one wasn't really necessary, but you get me glitch. And I was like: damn twilight ruined just half the fictional-fantasy theme. I can't help, with distraught, how every single paranormal-fantasy book out there be compared to twilight when clearly some authors tried to be as creative as they could. On to some important news: I developed a love/hate relationship with Katy and Daemon. They are great and cool, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I find Daemon to be so mean. And an ass.(there goes your points. BUT, I am liking his mystic-arrogant-rude nature. And Katy is feisty and a fighter. I'm just glad she's not the damsel in distress type. it's fun when the girl tends to become a heroine. I supply a huge amount of respect to them. The other characters are also good. The balance between good & evil was fine. The pace of the story is constructive. The author is potentially great with the schematics of the scenes that doesn't go over the top, or bored us to death. And speaking of scenes, nobody would've forgetten the "living room" incident. By God, that was sensually raw! It just takes one make-out session and the book is wild. Daemon. Hubba-hubba! Is it hot in here, or what. What interests me really is the awesomeness of their light-power ability. The qualities it posses and the fact(fiction) it could stop time, be as a flashing zing, and totally outstanding strengths. Totally elemental. Heres to all Daemon fangirlsxx