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Body & Soul - Stacey Kade As justifiable as it sounds, I DON'T WANT THIS SERIES TO END! I know how those other readers felt when say the same. BODY & SOUL isn't really the type of novel that you'd remember on a regular basis, but the series had absolutely grown into me. For me, reading the Ghost and the Goth series is like walking on a bright sunshiny day, metaphorically. There's something about this series that kept everything so subtle yet so cute at the same time. And clearly I have not made a mistake in getting the first book in the first place, and that was because I like the cover, it was too darn cute. And I seriously can't get enough of Alona's bad-ass attitude and Will's nobility. So basically, the story trailed off from Queen of the Dead (2nd book of the series) where Alona's spirit had become embedded in Lily's body after a tragic life/death situation that left Alona to save Lily being in a coma state for so many months. Lily OR Ally, in which Alona had preferred, together with Will was in search of somebody to help them with their situation, in which to figure out how Alona would get out of Lily's body without hurting her, or better yet, killing her, of some sort. But unfortunately for our heroes, comes an evil witch( I'd like to prefer to her that way) who'd want to be in Alona's position. Then again, they had to battle it out. I don't really want to give more because I think I'm betraying the book, and spoiling those who might still read it. All i can say is, DUDE, TRY READING THE WHOLE SERIES! IT'S SO FUN! Alona and Will are still the same, even after months that I've dreaded for the final book, I still remembered them as who they were, and even if Alona was in a different structure now. I don't know but sometimes I get intimidated by Alona for being such a bitch sometimes and giving Will such a hard time even though he'd had it hard enough, but I guessed she was just right. Very right all along. I love both of them so much that I was so happy and excited on how they turned out to be. I was even taking comfort in the familiar nature of their exchange, and I will miss that! I realized that this series doesn't focus solely on the romantic side. And that was what I love about it so much. Whoa, that was first. I think I sound so biased right now. Great. I don't care. Funny thing about this series is that I became emotionally invested through and through. I never, in the first place, realized this would be a series, let alone a trilogy, which was a good thing. My first thought though was -- this is just some light read, fun, violent free book. In fact, I didn't thought I'd be attached to it. I mean to the characters. They are type of characters that aren't sloppy and hard to get along with. As a matter of fact, what I liked about the series is it's ability to be drawn into it without you knowing. This novel is really just a breath of fresh air if you take it that. Okay, I know some might not agree on my out take but hey that's my stand point. Go make your own. And through out and after finishing this, I was glad I didn't cry. 'Cause I usually, even if it's just comical. But it's so hard and weird to think that you'd want to get this over with and at the same time, once it's done, you feel like you've lost somebody important, like a family member or something. That's how greatly the impact are the books on me. Especially the ones you liked and looked forward too.OVERALL, I LOVE THE SERIES. I LOVE THE WRITING STYLE BECAUSE IT TOTALLY SUITS FOR EVERYBODY AND KEPT IT VERY DECENT. I kept wondering how Ms.Kade did it without sounding so overworked. And I wonder would she miss these characters as much as the readers were. She is a great YA author and gave me a different kind of read. You rock, dude! :) *I sound like a broken record in this review for being so redundant. I always am, anyway. xx