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Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry 3.5 out of 5People say this smells like Perfect Chemistry, and I kinda agree. But I love Perfect Chemistry ergo I would admire this as much too. But it was fun while it lasted. Heck, I only liked the first half, it was gripping, enticing, and had dynamics. Then the second half was a bit blur. Maybe it overworked too much, taken a wrong turn, or lost the appetite for appeal. I don't know. What I do know is, the book got me at the upper hand with a lot of curly red hair. I like the hair.I also had a thing or two with the characters, which by the way was told in both Echo & Noah's perspective. Another double yeay!Both Echo and Noah had a lot of things/issues to deal with in retrospect to what happened to them. With each of them dealing their own, lead to dealing it themselves, by themselves. And to add to a lot more complication, they argued whether or not to have sex! Teenagers. Like I said, it was fun while it lasted. Honestly, though the story is not really original, but it was quite unique it it's own way. I was even sucked in after the first five pages, then it was hard for me to shut it down. Ever so often I would say "this happened before, but glad the author had pulled it off!", until Noah had to be such an a** (pardon, por favor). You just had to mess it up, have you? And then the drama started. And it went overboard. Lovely.Still, I love me some *swoon* to start with. I just didn't thought it had to be that long when it could have a happy hanging ending right there in the middle. No, they HAD to prolong the agony, my agony. But the story was a Beautiful Disaster. :)xx