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Amplified - Tara Kelly So maybe I was to blown away by the reviews that I didn't skip a beat in getting the book. I honestly say the intro was actually cool, it jumped to where everything is about to start. That got me hooked in the beginning. But I am sad to say I didn't like it that much. I mean, I have a thing about music and books particularly music in books but this was not for me. Pardon me for not appreciating it that much. But the good thing though is that everybody knew there way to music, most especially Jasmine. I haven't heard of words such as EBow or what else that are music related vocabulary. Reading that was pretty cool. But the story for me is just so flat. Even the romantic build-up with the love/hate relation between Sean and Jasmine was to sudden or should I say rushed. And the ending, well it was pretty vague. 3 of 5xx