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Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver it took me a long time to finish this book, and am glad I was able to do so. This book actually anticipates me for a long time now that I was afraid it would disappoint me. Luckily though, it didn't. Before I fall is not like any other death books I have read to date, aside from the fact that this was told from Sam's perspective (who was dead, and relieved her last days over and over again), this is a very compelling and thought-provoking story which I find it hard to put down even in a very short period of time. My busy schedule got a head of me and that's the reason I felt like I was so stuck with this one and feels like I need to move on. Actually, what's great about this book is how deep and brilliant and leaves you wanting to know more. In short, it definitely is unputdownable! I was humble enough to say that I get to read this in the right time when I needed it.This story is basically about four popular best friends trying to live their lives and thinking they got everything going on under themselves. What one of them didn't know, that life does an unexpected turn of events. One minute you're seeing the light, the next thing you know it's pitch black darkness all over. What the book actually taught me was how to live every single second of your living life as your last. That you gotta tell people you love them and the you appreciate them while you got the chance. It may sound weird but it's one simple fact. I love how absorbing and captivating each relived day Sam get to experience. How she thinks of doing the right thing everyday and tries not to mess it up but just about the end of it, she can't get something right or it was not what she planned it to be. Honestly though, I thought of her as shallow and superficial, but I get to admire her in the latter. She really get to prove to herself that the world doesn't just revolve around her and that sometimes it's just you who needs saving but also the people around you. 4.5 of 5xx