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Stolen: A Letter to My Captor - Lucy Christopher At first I was actually pretty scared to read this book, that I may not like it, especially when it's a Captive/Captor theme. But it turns out to be a very good book. The title itself may give you vague deranged idea on how miserable and thoughtless the characters were. But every good book doesn't give you literal descriptions on what it is about, but it leaves you wanting to know and having a lot of thoughts to it.WHY? That keep's bugging my mind. Why is he kidnapping Gemma? Why in the dessert when there are other places to hide? Why does it took a very long time for him to do it? And where I have a lot of questions in my mind, it doesn't bother me that long because the book gives you the answers before you know it. After a very consuming read, I did not hate Ty at all. I think what he did was trying to save Gemma in the superficial world she lives and believes in. Ty let's her realize that there are other places, places that may look so desperate and hopeless, but when you somehow you see potential and comes a point where you get attached to it, it becomes one of the best place you've discovered. And I think that's the intent on his motives. I can see there is an attraction formed inconspicuously in the latter. I love how both of them have issues on their own, that they find comfort to one another. One thing about this is not focusing in the romantic part (which is missing and a disappointment on my part) but building a relationship in which they care to one another. I was so enthralled to this book that I find the ending in a rush. I didn't expect it'll end like that easily but I think it was thrilling. It kept me wondering what happened to him, to the camel, to the Separates. I would love to have just a little bit of Epilouge. :) But still, it is fast-paced, entertaining, sad and an emotional read. This is written in a letter form which is a first for me. I am looking forward on reading this kinds of books because it is so exciting. And this is one of my favorite reads this year. xx