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Popular - Alissa Grosso You may think this is one of those typical school-popular-girls books. Well, wait till you get to know the "secret". This book is told in to parts. Wherein part one, we get to read the different perspective of the different parts of the Clique. Trust me, while reading their thoughts, you could really tell they are this five girls who just wanted to have their hands to be the most popular girl in school. Typical. It was fun actually, reading them and seeing there totally different personalities that you didn't expect them to be friends in the clique. While I was reading this part, there came a time that I wanted to put the book down. Like, really? Who wants to read something that just talks about parties and establishing the right one with the right kinds of people. But when I was to read Part 2...Part 2 was told from The Boyfriend's point of view. Honestly, I was having second thoughts about this guy. I kinda hated him at first for being such a total jerk for hitting on diff. girls. But I mean, you gotta read his perspective first. And I was actually glad there was. His point is too much to handle. I can't even think of spilling it for you. It was so shocking that it actually made me sad. My message to you is that you should definitely read this book. It is totally one in a million. I love how Young Adult books surprise me so much when I don't even expect it. Alissa Grosso, you write one heck of a story. It was so good to pass-up. You keep me thrilled and glued my hands to the pages till I'm done. Best 4.5of 5 ☺ xx