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The Book Thief - Markus Zusak It took me 4months and 6days OR 129days to be exact to finish this book. (It's not that it was too long or something but I was just finding the right time to read it)**HERE IS A SMALL FACT**You are going to die.Honestly, I find myself having difficulty in giving this book a review. So before I start anything else, let me run through the most significant happenings that had grabbed and stirred me through this whole reading process: What's so cool is that this was narrated by Death. I love his voice, he's sarcastic, and the way he describes the world and the humans are very vivid.Liesel Meminger-- The Book ThiefThe Gravedigger's Handbook, where it all started.Hans Hubermann & Rosa Hubermann-- Liesel's foster parents. They are the best foster parents that I would love to meet. Hans is an amazing father, great teacher, and a good accordion player. Rosa, the woman had a heart. She had a bigger one than people would think.Year 1939. Nazi's vs. JewishRudy Steiner-- with his asked kisses, he is Liesel's best fried. He is such a cutie and I swear to God he makes this book a little romantic for an 11 year old boy. ☺Max Vanderburg-- the fistfighter, the Jew, and the believerThe secret ground below 33 Himmel StreetIlsa HermannThe Book Thief is not that exciting at first, I get a vague picture about Germany and the war and the people but I know for sure that I would love this book till the end. Often I keep flipping and turning the pages because I can't seem to stop. Death's voice accumulates my whole mind that kept me wanting and knowing more. I was figuratively drawn to the story that I think of myself being actually there with Liesel, Papa Hans, Mama Rosa, Rudy and the others. They made the book so alive that you think like it is really happening in your backyard. The whole event is so exhilarating that this is one roller coaster ride that when I read, at first I'm freakishly nervous on what would happen then be glad that a life hasn't ended yet. Whew! Favorite phrases used by the characters: SaukerlSaumenschJesus, Mary, and JosephAll my life I've been engrossed with history and past events that left a great impact in the world. And the WW1 is one of it. But never in my learning have I seen that event told a story in a particular civilian with the normal family, the normal friends, and the normal circumstances. Not only does this focuses on the Führer but to the whole Deutsche, Nazi, and Jewish people. It's great the Markus Zusak made a very significant and important historical event told as a Young Adult Fiction. Some may have done it a little bit boring but with him, he has a way of words. And I cannot think of any who would have done it much better. Gosh, there is a lot to talk about but I am certainly lost for words. This is just magnificent. Very well-written just fits to everybody. The pacing and the characterization is highly admirable. I could read this over and over, and fall in love with it over and over. The Best! No question on the rating. totally a 5 OUT OF 5. xx