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Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire Beautiful Disaster is one of those books that you wouldn't expect its plot as it is. I was kinda thinking it was more emotional and deep but instead it was all out fun and hilarious. I must say that most reviews I've read said it has Cheesy dialogues and I have proved it that it has. I sometimes find the lines a little grammatically wrong, some of it spelled wrong and words that wasn't right. But you get to understand it anyway. :) Basically the characters are your typical unlikely couple. For one, they are totally different with each other. Since Abby is your all-too-innocent college freshman while Travis is the school hotie, chicks flying to his feet type. They are just different, in an interesting way. I find this book very bizarre and surreal yet hilarious. And I totally get confused because one time they are just over each others skin and the next, they spite one another. Heavy roller coaster ride. But I find the plot very interesting and can't seem to tear my eyes out of it. And well the ending, you just know it'll end that way. :) All in all, this was one refreshing read. xx