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Five Flavors of Dumb - Antony John Music. Money. Drama. Teenage Angst. Teen SpiritI've read a lot of books that deals about music, and all the while it consists of the same thing: a lot of music, drama, and overflowing of emotions. But what makes this book a bit different from the others? Well, for one we haven't heard of a "deaf" girl managing a BAND. A singer who is pretty much obsessed with himself with a brother who doesn't give a crap of the world and just wanted to play the guitar. A geek boy who plays a percussion and is slightly bad at chess. A tough chick who doesn't want to back down. And a hottie who pretty much has flaws. So that's how Five Flavors of Dumb came to be. Sounds cool right? That's coolness that spells [KOOL-NIS]!The awesome thing about this book is that the characters are so real(and I mean it figuratively). Their personalities are really what we see in teenagers especially when pumped-up. Piper is your typical senior girl who is planned-out for college when on day she found out her college fund has been used for her little sister and that's when her involvement for Dumb(the band) and managing it comes to picture. Since Piper is deaf, a little lip-read and sign language isn't that much of a difficult to communicate. She became the band's manager and is responsible to take action for any paying gigs, appearances, and recordings. Piper's character is very likable in every way. She has this very positive and a go-attitude that you can't help to admire. She doesn't let her disability a hindrance in what she wants and what she's capable of doing. And as for Josh, the egomaniacal pretty boy, he just can't handle rejection well and is a minus points on the crush factor. Speaking of crush factor: Finn, Piper's little bother is a very likable character as well. After knowing his awesomeness, I kinda wished I had a little bother just like him. ☺ And for the turn of events, who would have thought that a popular school girl hottie would end up in a band? I haven't even thought of that. So anyway, Kallie isn't your menacing girl but was presented otherwise. She is shy, and honest, and has this determination to learn things she knew she wasn't capable of but is still trying. She isn't what people thought as a stuck-up bitch but instead I adore her spirit. FIVE FLAVORS OF DUMB is surely a hit. Aside from having glimpses of rock legends and their works and geniusness, it is very informative with regards on what music really is and to hear it in a different perspective. P.S. I read this after watching THE RUNAWAYS. Talk about rock 'n roll. Double jackpot! ☺xx