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Speak - Laurie Halse Anderson If you don't know anything that had happened, at first, you get the vague idea on why at the start of the school year everybody "hated" or doesn't want to be friends with Melinda. She's been silent and doesn't try to open up to anybody either to her parents or to somebody she got close with. And now we understand that what she's been through was not just a simple thing that she could ignore or easily share with everybody because she herself doesn't event know how to start to figure it out. For a 9th grader, going through such a thing will be a very big shock especially starting and sharing you life with a lot of adults who might help you, judge you, mock you, or ignore you. In Melinda's case, she prefer not to talk or a we say "speak" because she doubts anyone would believe her. But as we go through the story, we can tell that she finds the courage to at least tried to warn people for them to avoid what had unbelievably happened to her. I find Melinda a bit self-spoken to herself. She tends to keep everything to herself and is in doubt of people surrounding her, and it's okay to always be cautious. I've read and heard how they love Melinda's voice and I find myself liking her so much. I mean, she has this sarcasm that you wouldn't expect. She kept the novel alive with her wit and animosity on things. I appreciated that despite her being alone with no body in her company, she has herself a very awesome art teacher who sees not only the physical aspect of art but the inner meaning and importance of it that helps Melinda be herself. And there's Ivy who I thought was one of her long lost friends but they ended up to be very good friends with one another. And there's David, well I am kinda wondering what their relationship would be but i'll just leave it to that. :)Speak is such a good book. It is deep and meaningful and one that you could always pick up anytime and read it. And it teaches us a very valuable lesson (very middleschool, i know). Pick it up!!!! :)xx