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Chasing Brooklyn - Lisa Schroeder This is my first time to read a book that is not in paragraph, but in verses. I thought I may not like it but instead I loved it. I love the fast-pace of Chasing Brooklyn which is not so cheesy but is very real and emotionally well written. This is basically the first book I've read from Ms. Schroeder and I can say that she writes exceptionally a very good and emotional story about lost, friendship, relationships, and love.So the story is about Brooklyn losing her boyfriend Lucca, which is Nico's brother, and her friend Gabe. It tells about how much she'd dealt after the loss of two of her loved ones. But in another point, it also tells about Nico's perspective about going through a year with the death of his brother. After a year of Lucca and Gabe's death, Brooklyn and Nico had been "haunted" respectively with Brooklyn of Gabe, that he's literally chasing her in her dreams, and Lucca to Nico, giving hints to help Brooklyn. In the end, they had a little mutual understanding with one another. Trying to figure out their feelings and whether to it is right. But at least that was what Lucca would have wanted, for Brooklyn to be happy. With Nico. ☺♥ I was glad that at the last part, Brooklyn and Lucca are finally together. I love that they're together because they pretty much deal with the same situation and at least they understand each other. Chasing Brooklyn is one extraordinary book about loss and love but it's actually digging oneself on how to face life after the loss of a person you love, deciding whether to live for tomorrow or just mourn and remain in the past. In the end, I love how the relationship between the two escalated in a good way for the both of them. Totally worth the read! :) Helps you think that it's good that someone's really outhere for you without you realizing it. :)